Maria’s ring is truly one of a kind.  While Gavin spent many hours designing it, Maria thought he was playing video games.  After constructing the intricate CAD designs he wanted, Gavin worked with a custom designer to create the custom engagement ring he gave to Maria on May 24th, 2014 is a private room atop the Sears (Willis) Tower.


Celtic Knot


The band is decorated with Celtic knots which have no beginning or end, symbolizing eternity. 








Near the stone is a Celtic Trinity (triquetra).  Traditionally, the triquetra symbolizes the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  In modern Ireland, the symbol represents the three promises of a relationship: to love, to honor, and to protect. 





Detail of Cross Setting


The stone setting was designed to incorporate a cross to symbolize Maria & Gavin’s shared Catholic faith.






Sandra’s Necklace & Abbe’s Ring


Gavin used gold from pieces of jewelry from both Maria’s mother, Sandra, and his, Abbe.  Sandra gave Gavin a gold chain with pearl that Maria’s father, Dan, had given her on their own honeymoon.  Abbe contributed her favorite gold motherhood ring, which she wore nearly daily for more than a decade before the band fractured.  Portions of each jewelry piece were melted down and incorporated into maria’s engagement ring.



The final design:

Ring_cad4 Ring_cad1Ring_cad2
Ring_cad3 final_ring